Install ceramic tile over a subfloor that’s no less than 1 1/8 inches thick. Place a new wax ring on top of the extension ring. Cut the cement board to fit the space. Pull the boards away from the wall with a prybar placed between the wall and the rear of the board or trim. In these cases, you must grind down the ceramic floor tiles so that they fit around these objects. A level floor helps make your tile, laminate, vinyl or hardwood flooring last longer and keep its finish. This is not only annoying, but it can make the flushing action of the toilet less efficient. Put the toilet on the flange and level the bowl both left and right and front to back. Do not push farther, as you may wedge the toilet up and pry it farther away from the wax ring. Insert new toilet bolts into the slots in the extension ring. InspectAPedia: Toilet Installation Procedures & Details: Best Practices, ASHI Reporter: How a Plumber Inspects Plumbing - Toilets, How to Replace the Toilet Bowl After a Tile Job, How to Raise a Shower Drain When Re-Tiling. Assemble the rest of the toilet (tank, water supply line) and test-flush the toilet several times for leaks. Place a level across the toilet bowl front-to-back, then side-to-side to determine which direction the base needs to be rocked in order to be level in all directions. Place a new wax ring on the bottom of the toilet around the drain hole with the rounded side facing up. Toilet flange extension rings aren't permitted by some plumbing codes. You may have to try them in a few different positions to properly level the toilet. Extension rings are available in varying thicknesses. A thinner subfloor will cause the floor to flex due to the weight of the tile. Check with your local building department. If it is wood, you could shave it down to flat. Use a straight edge or level to make sure all the tiles are lying flat or have the necessary fall to let water drain away. Although they are stackable to achieve the necessary toilet mounting height, a single ring is preferable for a better seal. Repeat until the toilet doesn't move in any direction. Measure the distance from the top of the toilet flange to the top of the finished tile floor. In this example the toilet has held firm since 2010, see details below. Clean the top of the existing toilet flange thoroughly with a rag. The toilet's base must sit perfectly flush with the floor, not only to have a good seal for the wax ring, but to avoid cracking the porcelain base. To level a floor, start by removing the existing flooring. A great solution that is tried and tested and gives a secure, movement free fixing.. Great for fixing down a toilet to a ceramic tiled, porcelain tiled or plastic floor without the use of screws. Learn how to tile a bathroom from floor to ceiling - plus learn a few tips to help with other home tiling projects. Remove the closet bolt caps on each side of the toilet if you haven’t already. Another option for raising a toilet flange after installing thicker flooring is to use a push-in or expansion-type flange. How to Install an Adapter Collar for a Toilet Flange, The Standard Distance Between a Sink Drain & the Floor, How to Replace a Toilet on Cast Iron Pipe, The Family Handyman: Install a Ceramic Tile Floor in the Bathroom. Trim away the excess part of the shim (the part that is visible outside the toilet base) with a utility knife. That way, you can establish where the tiles are supposed to go in relation to the grid before you cut them around drain. First set the toilet in place (without the wax ring) and square it up to the wall. Even when we think that the surface seems ‘off’, it’s hard to tell without a measuring tool. Take the bolt caps off with your hands and expose the hex nuts. I have now noticed that the toilet pan is not sitting level as it is not perfectly level at the base. When you are replacing a toilet or resetting an existing toilet after a repair, there are a few key things to check to ensure a good seal and prevent leaks. Locate the 2-4 bolt caps on the bottom of your toilet. Rock the toilet side to side, front to back to determine where the gaps are located. The tiles are level. It's good news when an existing bathroom floor is sound enough to tile over, but that increased floor height presents a problem when it's time to reinstall the toilet. Slip on the plastic retaining washers. You also want to make sure the toilet sits level and does not rock on the floor, as this can compromise the seal. Remove the toilet and turn it on its side. The toilet flange needs to be on top of the finished floor. If you have a wobbly toilet because there is something uneven on the floor the ideal solution is to find a way to level the floor. Then, unscrew the hex nuts with your wrench to detach the toilet from the floor. Then, mix leveling compound according to the instructions on the package in a large bucket. If any tiles are above or below the level of ones next to them, remove them and either add or take away adhesive to make them level. Doing-it-yourself for your next bathroom renovation will be a breeze when you follow the steps and tricks in our how to tile a bathroom video series.. I have a new ceramic tiled floor in a bathroom. Hammer a shim gently between the floor and the toilet base to bring a low side up. Don't go overboard, though; a ring that's too high can cause toilet rocking and interfere with a proper seal. Use the utility knife to cut the bond between the caulk or grout and the toilet and the floor. Place the wax gasket on the toilet flange. Scrape the old caulk or grout from between the toilet and the floor. Tighten only until the base cannot be moved when applying moderate pressure. Two wax rings might get the job done, but a well-sealed toilet is one of those things it isn't wise to gamble on. Place a level across the toilet bowl front-to-back, then side-to-side to determine which direction the base needs to be rocked in order to be level in all directions. D.H. Nelson Construction 4 Cross St, … Use a sealant shaping tool to give a smooth finish and remove excess sealant. The toilet ring is a thick wax circle that fits into the toilet flange to keep the toilet level and form an airtight seal, preventing sewer gases from coming up the sewer pipes into your bathroom. Measure the depth and width of the gluing edge of the bowl. Steve Hamilton has been writing professionally since 1983. Tighten the toilet base flange nuts while gently rocking the base. Install the toilet over the toilet flange following the manufacturer's instructions. The wooden ones may rot, crush and result in loose, rocking base over time. When the subfloor under the toilet flange is concrete, drill pilot holes with a masonry bit and use self-tapping concrete screws to attach the extension ring. Check one final time to make sure it is level, before sealing the base. The rule of thumb is to use thinset mortar as your tile adhesive in wet areas. When you're tiling a floor with a drain in it (whether it's a shower floor, utility room or other setting) you should first lay out the tile grid as if there isn't a drain there. For drier areas like a kitchen backsplash, you can use tile adhesive or mastic. If the problem is tiles, you could remove the tiles under the toilet. David Croteau explains how to level porcelain tiles as David Nelson installs our new porcelain flooring that simulates wood. Plastic shims -- inserted at certain locations -- take up gaps between the base and the floor and provide a solid, secure foundation. There is no cushion ever used, if the floor/subfloor is level; then you can install right over it. © Copyright 2020 Hearst Communications, Inc. Rock the toilet base and push down to completely compress and expand the wax ring. Lay a level lengthwise on the back of the toilet tank, then sit backward on the toilet, straddling the bowl and shifting your weight to make the toilet level. Because this is a larger tile, I’m using a ¼” trowel. Place the carpenters level across the toilet bowl side to side and note where the bubble level is. Apr 3, 2015 - If your toilet seems to move when you sit on it and there's no apparent damage to the floor, or if it just feels crooked, chances are it's out of level. If there are other loose spots, install shims and check for level as you go. His credits include novels under the Dell imprint and for Harlequin Worldwide. Level and steady the toilet by inserting shims into any gaps you've identified. He has been published in "The Family Handyman" magazine and has experience as a consultant developing and delivering end-user training. Although installing a toilet is an easy project, an uneven floor can complicate matters. Follow the directions provided below to set the toilet ring into the flange after tiling the floor. Once the wax ring and closet flange bolts are in place, the toilet can be lowered onto the closet flange. So if your toilet sits on the tile, the flange needs to be on top of the tile too. To level up the pan such that it too sits level for the cistern and seat, I need to raise one side by about 3 mm off the tile floor. The spacing of the toilet exit "horn" and sealing surface is designed for this height. If you have a small area that dips down a bit and will be installing tile over the whole area, you can just lay the thinset thicker in that area to raise the tile up to be level with the rest of the tile. Oruc holds a Bachelor of Arts in political science and a minor in economics from the University of Delaware. Installing ceramic floor tile is fairly simple until you reach the edges of the room, or fixtures such as cabinets, pedestal sinks and toilets. Always use a new wax ring when installing a toilet. Set boards and trim aside for reuse after installing the leveling compound and new flooring. For all your building materials and tool needs please visit A remodeling and repair specialist with over 20 years experience, he is also a Certified Pool Operator and holds an EPA Universal refrigerant certification. Then make an outline of the toilet on the floor with masking tape. Apply a thin bead of silicon caulk around the top edge of the flange. But often in real life, we don't want to do either of those. As long as the floor is not rotten, you can use this technique. If the tile is uneven, then you will need to put a shim on the side of the toilet that is low, make sure the toilet is level, then set the toilet. Installing a new toilet, or resetting an old one, is often necessary when remodeling a bathroom. Align the holes in the toilet with the closet flange bolts and slowly lower it until the bowl meets the wax ring. Fixing down a toilet without drilling and using screws. You should use levelling compound if you will be attempting to level an area larger than two to three square foot. If you want to reinforce the floor with cement board, score it with a utility knife before laying it over the thin-set mortar. Luckily, there are a few methods to confirm that parts of the Use plastic shims instead of wooden ones used for framing. Place a plastic, tapered shim into the gap until it bottoms out and completely fills the gap between the base and the floor. Attach the extension ring by driving stainless steel wood screws through the mounting holes into the subfloor through open spaces in the flange. As you work, check the toilet for stability by sitting on the seat and rocking in all directions. Meaning the bottom edge of the flange needs to be on the same plane as the toilet. You may crack the base if you over-tighten. A flexing subfloor results in cracked tiles and grout — … Tape these shims tightly to the finished floor so they don’t move when you lift the toilet back up. Apply silicone caulking around the perimeter of the toilet base only when you are certain no water is leaking from under the base. Place wood shims as required to get the toilet level. Pound in roofing nails along the edge to secure the backer board to the floor. Once the compound reaches a creamy consistency, pour a thin layer into the sunken sections, then smooth out inconsistencies with a … Lay a level lengthwise on the back of the toilet tank, then sit backward on the toilet, straddling the bowl and shifting your weight to make the toilet level. Remove the baseboard and trim surrounding the tile floor to make space for the new surface level. Even 1/4-inch-thick tile over a layer of thin-set adhesive can leave the toilet flange far enough below finished floor level to make it difficult to get a good seal.